3D RF Welding

Traditionally, RF welding was only used on flat surfaces, and the product would need to be inflated, folded, or bent into the desired shape. This resulted in wrinkles and creases in the product, thus limiting its utility and aesthetics.  3D RF Welding is a combination of process technique and tool design which enables complex 3D shapes to be fabricated.


See the Case Study,  Sunrise Medical.


3D RF Welding of sleep apnea mask (CPAP)

How 3D RF Welding Works

The technique converts complex 3D splines into small, RF-weldable sections.  Even complex features like undercuts can be created using this technique.


Benefits of 3D RF Welding


Traditional RF welding techniques result in stiff and potentially abrasive welded seams. With 3D RF welding, those welds can be situated in less objectionable areas of the product.

3D Welding Tooling