Our Experience Offers You Competitive Advantage

Medical device developers turn to Dielectrics' for our experience in flexible thermoplastic film and gels.  These materials fit well with the demands of single-patient use devices: bio-compatible, resistant to sterilization, and cost-effective.

Additionally, films lend themselves to constructs that capture fluids - like an air cell.  These products are a "perfect fit" for applications where a device must come into contact with the body for long periods of time.  Inflating bladders with various fluids is an efficient way of customizing it so that the therapy, or prevention of injury, is most effective.

The advantage of our welding processes is the ability to combine otherwise difficult materials together in a single, elegant, package.  Hard to soft, thick to thin, fabric to plastic - and done in a way that can be hermetically sealed to prevent cross-contamination, or ingress of fluid.

Dielectrics has ample experience in the process of developing and scaling-up a medical device.  From the first napkin sketch to high-volume production, our broad technical skills and robust quality system are ready to meet the challenge of your product. 

"The expertise and novel technology found at Dielectrics allow us to express new levels of creativity. Who would have thought that simple bag and bladder sealing could be used in such exciting new applications." - Len Czuba,  Former President of the Society of Plastics Engineers

  • Extensive thermoplastic welding capabilities
  • Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 clean room manufacturing environment
  • Ability to design and fabricate fine complex RF heat sealed assemblies - often demanded in surgical applications
  • ISO 13485 and 9001 registered, GMP and Quality Program, FDA audited
  • Ability to offer superior IP solutions
  • Complimentary processes for total fulfillment, including sterile packaging

"Dielectrics has exceeded my expectations. Their aggressive support in all phases of development has yielded what I believe to be a much better product in a shorter period of time." - Pat Moore, Principle Engineer, Labware Development Group for Beckman Coulter

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