Adjustable Cracking Pressure Check Valve

Flat film check valves are typically used to prevent back flow through a fluid circuit. Alternate designs are used in applications where a specific cracking pressure is required.


How it Works

The adjustable cracking pressure check valve has four main parts.  Each part has a different function, but is integrated into a single, molded component. By changing the tension on the valve stem, a different cracking pressure can be achieved.  The flow rate is controlled by varying the size of the valve orifices. These valves are designed to work either in-line for connecting two fluid vessels, or as an over-pressure blow off valve.



Valves are fabricated from a single, molded part, thus minimizing both cost and process risk. The valve works over a range of cracking pressures in either static or dynamic fluid circuits. Also, the valve can be made from biocompatible materials.