Bracing & Orthopedic

Many Orthopedic soft goods and bracing applications must combine two elements: rigid supports, with compliant contact surfaces.  From a design perspective, this poses a challenge.  Any rigid element being held to the body will inevitably create high pressure points that lead to discomfort, or worse.

By leveraging the various mechanical properties of flexible thermoplastic films, Dielectrics has developed ways of elegantly combining these two features cost effectively.  Flexible film containers (bladders, air cells, etc.) can be filled with fluids of various viscosities to create highly compliant surfaces that contour to the body's form.  By having a better fit, the brace can be worn tighter against the body, and the support becomes more effective.

Various processes are combined to make these components:
  • Vacuum forming / Pressure forming - rigid plates and bracing elements
  • Injection Molding - Fastening elements and stays
  • Lamination - Fabric face to a weldable, air-holding film layer
  • RF welding - welding of the air cell, gel pad, etc.
  • Gel compounding
For further information see:  DJ Ortho and Gels and Gel Filling