Check Valve Technology

Dielectrics has developed and patented check valve technologies for use in welded flexible-film bladders. Since the check valves are welded into the product, they do not have problems associated with parts that are glued or mechanically held in place. Clients can choose from either standard or customized designs to suit your particular application.

The two main check valve types are:

  • Flat check valves are primarily used in air-cells as a port to introduce air/fluid.  They can also be used as a check to prevent the same air/fluid from escaping.

  • Inlet check valves are more often used in pumps. Internal air/fluid pressure from squeezing the pump closes the inlet valve and the air/fluid is forced through the flat check valve into the bladder. While the pump is returning to its original shape, a vacuum is created, opening the inlet valve and drawing outside air/fluid in for the next cycle.