Dialysis & Fluid Handling

Most blood contact disposables are cost sensitive.  Dielectrics does not, however take the approach that they need be cheap.  We prefer to design them to be cost-effective.  What may be cheap to build, can be expensive in the end once the costs of additional components, assembly, and use are taken into account. 

Our approach to the conundrum is to consider the systemic design: look for ways to make the product with higher performance materials, more efficient processes, or with less expensive labor.  Also, consider the end user's expenses.  Perhaps a feature may cost pennies more to manufacture, but save dollars in the user's time.

Flexible thermoplastic films (e.g. PVC) have long been the staple of the disposable blood bag industry.  Traditionally, these bags have had a very simple construction.  Any additional features must be added with tubing connections, stopcocks, glued ports, etc.  Every one of these additional components not only increases cost, but also processing risk.  Any connection that this created through a secondary process (barbs, gluing, bonding, etc.) has an increased risk of failure, which is mitigated with additional testing and inspections.

Dielectrics has progressed this basic welding technology to where features do not need to be sacrificed in the name of cost.  Multiple features can be hermetically welded into a fluid circuit for slightly more than the cost of the raw materials.  Think about filters, check valves, absorbent media, and outlet ports all being integrated into the design.  And, with Dielectrics proprietary tracking technology, all the tubing can be integrated into a single, fluid ribbon cable that is literally printed into the film like a circuit board.  These are some of the features we have designed into our clients' products:

  • Flat ribbon-cable like fluid path
  • Release valve
  • Filters (bacterial, hydrophobic, etc.)
  • Fluid reservoir
  • Pressurization chamber
  • Skin adhesive
  • Non-woven surface
  • One-way check valve / Fill-valve / Spillage prevention

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