Far East Manufacturing

A Virtual Extension of the U.S. Factory 





Dielectrics Xiamen Manufacturing (DXM), is located in the Fujian Province in China across the Formosa Strait. The vertically-integrated facility is dedicated to making higher-labor content products at substantial savings.
Our capabilities include:  

* RF welding

* Hot air welding

* Injection molding

* Prototype shop

* Lamination

* Full tool and die shop

* Foam production

* Cut-and-sew

* Metal bending / forming / welding

* Sheet metal

* Painting

* Fiberglass / composites

* Vulcanization (Hypalon)

* Silk screening

* Webbing production

* Small electrical assemblies

The key to DXM's success is our ability to control quality and costs. To that end, DXM's production lines use a quality documentation system that is interchangeable with the Chicopee plant. This ensures that we can continually monitor production controls, in-process test results, and certification requirements.


DXM's equipment is designed to be interchangeable with the US plant, so that tools built domestically or in China can run in either facility using the same set-ups. Common CAD programs and numerous bilingual sales and engineering personnel help keep the two facilities integrated.


Frequent cross-training of both the U.S.and Asian staff occurs both virtually and in-person. In addition, a U.S.-based engineer is present for all new equipment installations, launches, or other technical projects.


Dielectrics-US manages all of the orders, logistics, and schedules. For our complete fulfillment clients, this includes the duties, tariffs, and customs paperwork. For the client, this is usually seamless, as is illustrated in this flow chart: