Profile Bladder Technology


Profile Technology is air-cell "communication" taking place in 3-D space.
Both air-flow direction and air-flow rate can be controlled to suit your application.

Top View

Profile technology (left & right diagram) offers a much greater degree of specificity in controlling cushioning effects versus a single-layer cushion configuration (center diagram).

For instance, in a two-layer seat cushion (left), the upper layer can have faster flow-rate between cells to rapidly accommodate shifts in body weight, while the lower layer can have a much slower flow-rate, providing greater stability to the cushion over all.

Another possible configuration is three layers (right), where, like bed-springs, cells "communicate" vertically only, except for the bottom layer, which distributes the air to the various "columns" of cells.

Side View

Air pathways are formed, not by many sets of "hard tooling", but by patented printed release coating "circuits". This results in much lower tooling costs and allows for making inexpensive adjustments to pathway configurations should they become desirable.

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