Research & Development



Strong Intellectual Property Base - Gets You Protected


With our diverse portfolio, Dielectrics offers a broad range of enabling technologies. Our patents cover air pump, check valve, and release valve technologies, as well as certain designs, manufacturing processes, and materials. 


In many cases, Dielectrics will develop Intellectual Property for our clients (which they own), or work with them to get royalty-free access to our technology. We always try to find a legally protected, competitive advantage for the customer whenever possible. This provides the client with a double layer of legal protection: for the product and for the technology to make it.

The client always takes an active role in deciding if, where, and when to utilize any IP.

Prototypes Quickly and Inexpensively - Gets You to the Market Faster

Dielectrics has proprietary rapid prototyping technology, which often means only a few-day turnaround for prototype tooling from a CAD file. These tools can be used to weld actual production materials, so you'll know what the finished product will look like. The process is relatively inexpensive: We can usually fabricate prototype dies for a fraction of the cost of injection molding tools.


Many clients use this process to prototype multiple variations simultaneously, then proceed with the one that works best.


Cutting-Edge Materials - We Help You Select the Best

We constantly monitor and evaluate new and emerging technologies from suppliers of films, film/fabric laminators, and related additives and treatments. By actively cultivating partnerships with these suppliers, we have access to the latest in materials science. Using our development skills, we have combined an impressive array of equipment and processes that enable designers to work with new gels, barrier films, laminates, and coextrusions.



"Dielectrics approaches projects with enthusiasm, creativity, and a real dedication to mastering the details. We know our films are in good hands when Dielectrics is in control of our `can't fail' applications."- John Callahan, Director of Sales for JPS Elastomerics

Standard or Custom-Designed Equipment - Gets You the Most Efficiency

Since our inception, Dielectrics has designed and built production equipment, including the same type of RF machinery we now use to fabricate our products. We now also offer in-house expertise for design and fabrication of custom machinery. When we design a product or component for scale production, we configure equipment to take full advantage of the cost reduction opportunities.



Cost-Reduction Manufacturing -

Lowers Unit Cost, Increases Output, and Improves Quality

Dielectrics has developed a strong track record of designing and fabricating in-line and other cost reducing manufacturing systems. We have successfully designed and commercialized production systems for welding, filling (gels), printing, die-cutting, and spot laminating. Our goal is to balance the equipment / tooling / commercialization investment with your target manufacturing costs.