Sporting Goods

Dielectrics has partnered with many of the leading names in sporting goods over the years, including Reebok, Louisville Slugger, and Top Flite. Dielectrics' watershed "pump" patents were developed with Reebok in the early '90's to support the introduction of the Reebok "Pump" shoes.

"Dielectrics' innovative problem solving approach to product design and development has allowed Reebok International LTD to remain the industry leader in performance athletic footwear, focused on personalized fit, comfort, and unique styling." - Todd D. Ellis, Managing Director, Advanced Research and Development for Reebok International LTD  

Fit, Cushioning, and Comfort Solutions

Bell bike helmet - fit and comfort adjustment Dielectrics' air and gel bladder designs provide excellent solutions for many cushioning and support requirements demanded by sporting goods applications. Many of these solutions offer patent protected advantage to your product. 

Typical applications include:

  • Athletic footwear components (air and gel filled)
  • In-line skate bladders
  • Compressed gas bladders (inserts for baseball bats and golf clubs)
  • Inflatable helmet inserts
  • Hydration bags

See also: Technologies (RF welding / air, gel, & fluid Bladder Technologies)