Dielectrics offers a large portfolio of proven medical device component technologies – as well as deep technical know-how and clinical expertise around the application of these medical devices. This applied knowledge helps us bring your products to market. 

Our diverse portfolio offers a comprehensive range of enabling technologies and complex components for all your medical devices needs. We get you access to just the right components that can be used as is, or customized to enhance the design and functionality of your products.

A Suite of Technological Solutions

Go-To-Market Success -
Faster and More Efficient

A Suite of Technological Solutions

Dielectrics has developed an extensive array of proprietary and patented technologies to facilitate the medical device design and manufacturing processes. These include fluid control management systems (valves), pressure and fluid distribution (multi-layer constructions), dissimilar materials welding, 3D welding of complex configurations, frangible seals, ultra-thin film welding and handling, and integrated pump technology.

Go-To-Market Success - Faster and More Efficient

Dielectrics has spent decades developing the ideal suite of technology solutions – solutions that we continue to improve with each iteration and application to customized product uses. Applying these technologies can facilitate the development of unique solutions, drive a faster path to market and generate IP protection.